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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 530  NBC  August 1, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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iran says three cal berkeley grads should stand trial on charges they illegally crossed the country's borders. shane bauer, sarah and josh have been in jail for a year but have not been charges. nbc's tazin ahmed has more from london. >> reporter: today, the foreign ministry spokesman says the two men and one woman should stand trial for illegally crossing the borders. iran also is considering other charges, including intentionally acting against iranian security. the three were on a hiking trip in the kurdistan region of northern iraq this time last year and their families say they accidentally strayed into iran. iran insists otherwise. no formal charges have been filed as yet. it follows on from this weekend when president obama said they've done nothing wrong and should be freed. in the past, the iranian president ma nude ahmadinejad proposed swap thegs three for iranians he says are jailed in the u.s.
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this has led to fears the three could be used as bargaining chips. the mothers of the three captives were allowed a brief visit earlier this year. their concern is they haven't heard from them since. iranian officials have not allowed the family's lawyers to see them either. the families are particularly concerned because two of the three have had health problems during their detention. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff today said the military has a plan to attack iran but thinks a strike right now is a bad idea. admiral mike mullen tells "meet the press" the rink iran developing a nuclear weapon is unacceptable. however, he warns a military strike would have unpredictab a effects across the middle east. it has repeatedly threatened to target tel aviv if it were ever attacked. president obama graded his first 18 months in office today. his candid answer in a new tv interview reflects the uncertain state of the u.s. economy.
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brian mooar reports from washington. >> reporter: it's the kind of question presidents hate. how would you grade your time in office? >> it's incomplete because until the economy has rebounded, fully, and people are feeling better, we've got a long way to go. >> reporter: the question from cbs news is the same one voters will answer in this fall's congressional elections. and in recent weeks, the president has been making stops around the country explaining what he's done so far and why. >> the reason i did that was because i had confidence in you. i had faith in you. >> reporter: in detroit, he defended the bailout of gm and chrysler which are now adding workers to keep up with demand. he's reframing the old fights on health care reform, national security and the economy. >> the fact is the president's policies are killing job creation in america, killing our
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economy and the american people know it. >> reporter: congressional republicans are turning up the heat as they head home for their summer break. >> the elections were today, we'd certainly have a good day. but it's a long way until november. >> reporter: president obama, a little more than three months left to make the grade. the president says he sometimes feels like he doesn't get enough credit for what he's accomplished. but he concedes that goes along with the job. in washington, brian mooar, nbc bay area news. the monsoon rains are easing in northwest pakistan where floods have killed more than a thousand people. entire villages were washed away during a week of flooding. the official death toll is now 1,100 people. rescuers are working to reach some 27,000 people who are still trapped. they've already had -- they've already saved more than 19,000 lives. the u.s. is sending $10 million in aid. israel is threatening to retaliate if any more rockets
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are launched from the palestinian territory. there have been several rocket attacks into israel since friday. no israelis have been killed or hurt. israel has already launched one air strike in response killing a hamas leader and wounding 11 others. >> he's going to have to and should and will respond very intensively. in order to -- in order to avoid another -- >> the violence comes amid efforts to renew peace talks between israel and the palestinians. some are concerned the attacks will cause violence in the region to escalate. crews could start a procedure tomorrow to permanently seal the fractured deepwater horizon well. at the same time there continues to be growing concern about the chemicals used to fight the oil spill. jay gray reports from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: this weekend, in marinas across south louisiana, a blessing of the fleet. >> asking god's protection on
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our waterways as well for the restoration, for the cleanup efforts. >> reporter: the entire gulf coast could use some divine intervention right now. crews have cleared away debris from the bottom of the primary relief well. a process that's delayed the start of the static kill. >> that's could come as early as tomorrow night or into tuesday. it will depend on the final testing with the q4000 and the systems will be needed to inject the mud in there. >> reporter: mud and cement that could permanently seal the well. on the water's surface, the search for oil continues. along with concern that the crude is hiding below. weighed down by chemical dispersants. massachusetts representative ed markey issued a statement this weekend blasting bp and the epa for using those dispersants. it says in part bp often carpet bombed the ocean with these chemicals and the coast guard allowed them to do it. incident commander thad allen
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pushed back. >> we established jointly back in may that we would seek a reduction of 75% in dispeant use. by our joint accounting, at the time, the capping stack witness on had achieved a 72% reduction. though the effect we were trying to achieve were generally met. >> reporter: the next and most important goal in the gulf, shutting down the leak, could come some time this week. jay gray, nbc news, venice, louisiana. a building hurt in sacramento this week could allow more people to vote. they want to let citizens vote without registering before election day. it requires county election leaders to have a way to identify a voter's identity but doesn't identify how that would happen. critics say it could open the floodgates for fraud. six states allow voters to register the same day as the election. dick cheney sout of intentative care tonight. cheney had a small pump installed last month to help his heart work. his daughter liz says her father
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hopes to return home this week. she told fox news sunday that her 69-year-old dad is already planning fishing and hunting trips for later this year. coming up, two countries are about to shut down a popular feature of blackberry phones. and the bionic cat getting a high-tech treatment to keep him on his feet. plus, the new memorial in this information age. how bay area families are taking texts into the great beyond. and a shark surprise caught on tape. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan.
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you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. check this out. a seaside surprise sends people running from the water along a new jersey beach. a shark swam on to shore in seaside park friday getting a little too close for comfort for a lot of people. this home video shows the shark beaching itself, taking a look around, then swimming back out to sea. the lifeguard closed the beach
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and no one was hurt. you hear the screams of everybody on camera there, jeff. >> yes. >> i think i would have been joining in the chorus of screams. >> a little too close for comfort there. i did check the water temperatures out there. they were at about 70 degrees. even the low to mid-70s in some cases out there off the coastline of the atlantic. they've been stuck in this heat wave. pretty incredible video there. back here at home, when you typically find those hotter temperatures on the east coast in the west, we're usually dealing with more of a milder trend. that's what continued today. only 77 in san jose. our average 83 this time of year. san francisco 62. also below average in oakland. a little warmer there with 68 degrees. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, patchy fog, even inland with mid-50s. we'll ghee g with more mild temperatures tomorrow. only 70 degrees. if you are doing any traveling as we head off into our monday, you may find some numerous delays near denver with spotty showers and thunderstorms. meanwhile, back here at home, it's all about our mild start to
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august. we'll have details in my seven-day forecast coming up in just a minute. >> thank you very much. two middle east countries may ban some popular features of blackberry smart phones. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates may stop e-mail and web access from blackberrys beginning in october. both countries say they have national security concerns because they can't monitor blackberrys since the data is encrypted and routed overseas. of most concern is blackberry messaging, which police worry could be exploited by terrorists. however, activists contend the move is an attempt to control the flow of information into conservative countries. a global treaty banning cluster bombs went into effect today with three very notable absences. the u.s., china and russia are not taking part in the convention on cluster munitions. this in spite of please from activists. cluster bombs have canisters that open in midair and scatter bomblets over a wide area. many of the small bombs fail to detonate and undetected these
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can remain in the ground and aicl victims years after a conflict has ended. more than 500 square miles of fires are burning in the russian countryside tonight. this is just one of the 77 towns and villages which have been destroyed. 28 people are dead and thousands are left homeless. 180,000 firefighters are battling these fires. the flames are being fueled by excessive heat and drought. so when 3d is a little too real for your eyes. an opt tom terrorist explain yes you get sick in the theater and what to do about it. and houston, it's hot up here. a big problem on the space station and what might have to be done to fix it.
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this bit of video and good news comes to us from southern italy. the clapping is for firefighters carrying a 10-year-old girl
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through the crowd after a building collapsed. firemen were calling the girl's name and heard her answer from beneath the debris. the three-story building collapsed late friday. several people are believed to have died. rescuers are still searching for more survivors. half of the international space station's cooling system shut down suddenly last night. the cooling system is not primarily meant for the astronauts comfort. it helps prevent the electronic equipment from overheating. astronauts had hoto power down the gps circuit and several power converters. nasa managers say nobody is in danger but a spacewalk may be needed to repair the system. a cat in the uk lost more than a few lives in one stroke when he got caught under a tractor earlier this year. now the cat survived and is back on track thanks to a revolution in animal medical science. nbc's tazin ahmed has the story. >> reporter: he looks like an ordinary cat but oscar is anything but ordinary.
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he's a bionic cat. his heinz legs were severed by a combine harvester. those aren't white paws you see. they are bionic legs. >> i felt he was a fighter. i felt he wanted to live. he dragged himself all the way home. >> reporter: fitpatrick runs a revolutionary vet practice using state of the art equipment. he saves pets that aren't expected to live. when oscar arrived, his chances were 50/50. >> the real key was to design a foot, a blade, that would not only allow oscar to run, but would also break before the metal inside his body broke. >> reporter: the design saved oscar and helped him to fight back. >> it's very much like a professional football player coming back into the game. he wants to play the game. he needs to play the game. we need to give him the tools with which to play the game. >> reporter: high-tech treatment doesn't mean a high-tech pet. >> bion sick not about making stronger, faster, quicker. it's about restoring life.
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>> reporter: and that's just what science has given oscar. another life. one down, eight to go. >> i'm glad that video was incorporated in the story. if i had seen that cat walking down the street iwould have been as freaked out as a shark coming ashore in new jersey. >> like we just saw. black cats having all the bad luck. that one goes out the window. two new legs to be walking on. let's take a look at those temperatures out there. we've got some cooler than average temperatures here across the bay area. some of you were warm. probably felt even hot in the east bay when the sun was out today with 87 in livermore. probably felt like the low 90ss for many of you. 87 in fairfield. 83 in concord. 78 in san jose. 60s and 70s from san francisco through the peninsula. close to 80 here in santa rosa. one of the warmest days we've had in a long, long time. but as we look back at july specifically, for san jose, look
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at this. the coolest average we had, at least before on the record books, was back in 1987 at 68.3 when you average in the daytime highs. and the lows. and as far as our numbers go right now, they still need to be certified. 67.9. so looks like san jose goes down in the record books for one of the coolest julys ever when you add in those temperatures. pretty remarkable when this time of year we usually have some sort of heat stretch. we dip into the triple digits at least once. so far this year, that has not happened. 68 in san mateo right now. 77 in san jose. still holding on to warmth from gilroy to livermore. fog offshore. we've seen it on the golden gate sky camera the past hour or so. that will mean drizzle coming back to the coastline with the fog in place. tomorrow, we still have some warm pockets in those interior valleys where we'll get 80s building in. it's going to be relatively mild start to august.
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once again, looks like no 90-degree days in the next seven days. the fog holding steady at about 2,000 feet. and then we add on this other layer. it is cooler air aloft throwing a wrench into getting hot weather in here for some of you. some like the heat. and while it's not visible out here, the cool air, as we show this other layer, the water vapor imagery, you'll note twisting in the atmosphere right there. and that's very small and weak system. but it's, you know, strong enough this time of year to pull down some of this cooler air. it's the fog and that cooler air aloft that's helping to bring in these temperatures down. we'll call it mild again as we start off on our monday forecast. it's going to be very comfortable for a kwlouft with widespread 70s and a few 80s inland. and this trend into tuesday. however, we could be looking at even some cooler weather coming our way by midweek. more on that in my seven-day forecast in a minute. as we look at tomorrow morning, mid-50s to start off the day.
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from santa rosa to gilroy, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. then we head up here to san jose, which will be affected by this cooler on-shore air flow. 66 in san francisco. 70 in san mateo. 74 in redwood city. 82 in san ramon. 76 in napa. for the north day, temperatures ranging from 60 in vega bay to 89 in lakeport. kind of the spring we didn't get because we had all that cold air throughout our spring. it seems like mother nature is behind a few months. seven-day forecast. look at this. 70s potentially here. widespread inland for august as we head into wednesday. and then we started seeing numbers slowly go up. sunday, a wild card right now. mid-80s right now. some of the models are showing hot air by then. so maybe we'll get in on our first big heat as we head into next weekend. we'll see. >> about time. august. about time. >> totally. >> thank you very much.
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let's stick with some weather. check this out. a vilent storm in glendale, arizona, damaged the roof of the stadium where the arizona cardinals play. the wind was so severe it ripped several holes in the canvas-like fabric that covers the roof's steel girders. this at the university phoenix stadium. crews are trying to figure out how much it will cost to fix this. heading to the movies tonight? we'll show you the five flicks leading the box office. and your after life online. the new memorial for the information age. how bay area families are taking with high-speed internet from at&t,
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you can connect to the internet at blazing fast speeds. wow, look at that! so you can go online and check out the news, or you can just catch up with old friends -- hey buddy. you can download videos and -- wow, that was fast. you can do it all from the comfort of home. so, as you can see, it's a -- whoa. i'm gonna just go grab a sandwich.
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[ male announcer ] introducing our fastest internet with speeds up to twenty four megabits per second. switch to high speed internet from at&t and get one-hundred dollars back via promotion card. how did you get here? where are you right now? >> am i dreaming? >> you are in the middle of the workshop right now. >> "inception" is still leading
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the box officehis weekend. edging out some new movies. it's followed by "dinner for schmucks," "salt" despicable me" and "cats and dogs." blockbuster 3d movies like "toy story 3" and "avatar" are bringing a new issue into focus. 3d sickness. the eyes have trouble folk aungs 3d images. it affects about 3% of moviegoers. >> your eyes are moving like really quickly. like they are focusing, refocusing, constantly trying adjust themselves. and you can feel them like working too hard. >> when he goes into a 3d movie, there 24 images to see. one out of each eye. the way his muscles are controlling his eyes, the muscles get tired very quickly. and so they tend to have a problem maintaining that same viewing angle. >> the symptoms include headaches, dizziness and nausea. the solution?
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so far, take the glass off, rub your eyes and look away until you feel better. just last week, the social networking site facebook passed an incredible milestone. 500 million users. but our next story isn't about adding users. it's about losing them. death on facebook has created a new way to memorialize loved ones slarkss created some challenges for facebook itself. there is a way it has always been. the wake. the funeral. the burial and, well, that's really it. after that, final resting spots tend to be pretty lonely places. times, of course, they do change. and seeing how facebook has changed the way so many of us live, no wonder it is changing death. or at least how we remember those who have died. a search for the letter s r.i.p
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yields more than 23,000 pages. >> he was a really good and sweet kid. >> one of them is for crystal's cousin killed at the all too young age of 18. she has yet to visit his grave site but regularly stops by his facebook memorial page. sharing her thoughts and being comforted by the messages of others. it's a kind of memorial that, frankly, wasn't possible a few years ago. that now just seems natural. >> i don't know. i don't know how to explain it. i feel like he's there and he understands. >> it is sort of like facebook is achieving mortality. >> january is actually the snowiest month here, but -- >> she was introduced to the idea when her former co-worker died. pollen was a local television reporter in minneapolis, minnesota. and upon her death earlier this year, her profile instantly filled with messages, stories and prayers. >> you know, facebook takes a
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lot of criticism for privacy issues. but i think that this is a case where it is changing the way we grieve, and it can be a positive. >> reporter: still, facebook does receive criticism. in some cases for not knowing when users have died, then prompting friends to reconnect with them. then there's what to do with the profiles. some family and friends want them to stay prpths find them too painful to see. facebook has coming up with a way to memorialize a page, stripping private information but still leaving a place for friends and family to gather. >> reporter: it is the best way, facebook says, they have come up with to deal with the subject of death. as delicate online it turns out as it is in real life. facebook says it relies on users to let them know when someone has died. and there are instructions on how to do that on facebook's help center page. we have more local news for you next. it's the "bay area at 6:00."
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